Explore where you belong.


No matter where you’re from or where you are heading, you’ll have a place at Peer2Peer Performing Arts. You’ll be welcomed into our supportive community, and given the space you need in order to achieve any goals related to the performing arts. More importantly, you will be given the support and direction to help you discover your best self on and off stage. This is a SUMMER PROGRAM along with our Athletics Program. Details will be released a few months prior. Please see below to learn more!


Whether it is classical, Broadway, or pop singing, Peer2Peer has mentors for you! We will give you the space and flexibility to discover your uniqueness and grow your passion, while equipping you with the techniques necessary to do so. Students will be mentored in English, Cantonese or Mandarin, but they are absolutely welcome to work on songs of other languages and styles!

During the Summer, we will also hold a mini-production for each mentee to showcase their talent and hardwork to friends and family!


Dancing is an amazing way to express yourself through movement. Mentees can sign up for ballet, jazz, and pop dancing at Peer2Peer, and have fun while learning choreographies of various styles. These sessions will be held as a group, in order for students to learn to work as a team when creating a piece of dance. More importantly, it helps boost confidence within a mentee and unlock their potential to the fullest.

Just like singing, we will be holding a mini-production at the end of Summer to showcase the hard work that the mentees have put into their dancing!


In theatre, students have numerous avenues for involvement, such as acting, directing, stage management, and theatrical design. Through these opportunities, students cultivate a strong sense of self-awareness and acquire valuable skills in creating compelling and professional theatrical productions.

Visual Arts

A painter isn’t a painter without a paintbrush– Peer2Peer aims to provide that paintbrush to all aspiring visual artists in Hong Kong who may not have access to one. Our mentorships range from sketching, painting to even simple graphic design. We will provide the sufficient resources for students to use when they sign up. Group lessons and private lessons are all available. Whether you have experience or not, Peer2Peer welcomes you to try whatever interests you! Mentees’ productions (if comfortable) will be exhibited during the P2P Performing Arts mini-production at the end of Summer to showcase their hard work and talent!