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How Your Donations
Will Help Us:

Mentorship Infrastructure (P2PM)

Our mentorships are held on google workspace. We use the workspace to facilitate the mentorship meetings themselves – specifically, we use google meets to conduct the video meetings and google chats to enable monitored mentor and mentee communication. In addition, the workspace allows us to create a peer2peer email for each mentor and a custom google bot to keep track of every mentorship session. The google workspace is the tech core of the mentorship operations, and your generous donations will go to maintaining this workspace for our mentorship program to operate smoothly.

University and Career events (P2PM)

Central to our mentorship program are the career and university events that our advisors and program branch organise. These events give our mentees the opportunity to gain exposure to different university options and career paths, helping them charter their future plans and start getting prepared. Past events include company visits and university fairs, and your generous donations will go to helping us organise events like such to better support our mentees.

Recruitment Schemes (P2PM and P2PA)

To enable our services to reach a wider audience, our public relations branch is constantly working on different avenues through which we can promote the program to reach our target audience of under-resourced students. Current plans include ads on various social media platforms, local influencers as well as more partnerships with schools and other nonprofit organisations. Your generous donations will better equip us to pursue these channels and expand the area of impact of our work.

Support Us Today!

Any amount you give will greatly benefit us on our mission to bridge the  education and opportunity gap among students. Thank you very much for your support.

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