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Thank you for your interest in joining Peer2Peer! 13-21 year-olds can feel free to apply!

Gender 性別

Are you currently a recipient of any form of financial assistance from the government/school? 您目前有沒有接受來自政府或學校任何形式的經濟援助?

Have you received any paid tutoring or university preparation/consultation services outside of school? 你是否曾經去過收費的補習社或坊間學業諮詢服務嗎?

What subjects can your Peer2Peer mentor help you with? (Please choose 2 only) 學業輔導(請選擇兩個科目!)

Mentorships at Peer2Peer mainly consist of the following 3 elements: Peer2Peer 的輔導計劃主要包含以下三個元素: 1. Academic assistance 學業輔導 2. University applications guidance 大學申請輔導 3. Career exploration 未來事業探索 Please check the box(es) next to the element(s) you need help with: 請根據上述的三個元素,告訴我們您希望在 Peer2Peer 輔導計劃中有什麽得著

What career-related activities would you like to participate in at Peer2Peer, should they be available?如果Peer2Peer可以安排關於職業的活動,你想參加什麼樣的活動?

Are you interested in our free, one-on-one advisory program? You will get personalized advice regarding your future studies and career. 你對我們免費的一對一諮詢計劃感興趣嗎?你將獲得未來學習和職業的建議。

How did you find out about Peer2Peer? 請問你從什麽渠道得知我們的服務? *