Florence Do

About Me

Hi everyone! I am Florence Do and I am from Hong Kong. I am a sixteen-year-old student at Good Hope School. I am considering majoring in medicine or biomedical science. I am interested in cooking and I would occasionally bake with my maids. I enjoy watching the NBA, but I actually don’t know how to play XD. I love playing the piano. If you are also a music player, probably we can try to have a virtue ensemble! I can help with your Chinese, Maths and Chemistry, but I also take Biology and Economics as electives.

About My Sessions

My sessions are very relaxed, and I will not be pushing you like your school haha. I put emphasis on your need and your goal so that we can cooperate together to help you. Before the session, I hope you can send me your learning material and anything you don’t understand so that I can tackle your problem. I do love having interactions with you. I will include a bit of chit-chatting at the beginning of each session, if you agree to. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

Courses Taken:
Liberal Studies HKDSE  
Math HKDSE  
Economics HKDSE  
Biology HKDSE  
Chemistry HKDSE  
Chinese HKDSE  
Availability (no longer accepting mentees)
Day Time
Monday 1pm – 11pm
Tuesday 1pm – 5pm, 8pm – 11pm
Wednesday 1pm – 11pm
Thursday 8pm – 11pm
Friday 1pm – 11pm
Saturday 1pm – 6pm
Sunday 1pm – 6pm

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