Marcus Lam

About Me

Hi I’m Marcus, and I’m from Hong Kong. I studied at Singapore International School here in Hong Kong before starting high school at Hotchkiss, and I’m currently a sophomore. I love both STEM and humanities, and to be honest, I can’t decide between the two! I would love to mentor in Chem, math, and English, and even Mandarin or studio art. Outside of school, I’m on the golf team, I enjoy playing basketball, and honestly, some I enjoy playing video games too! I am currently on the Robotics team and I’m learning a ton.

About My Sessions

I’d like to think of myself as a patient person, and I’ll be more than happy to shape our sessions around your needs. Currently, I have a lot of free time so if anything arises, I can get to it ASAP and we can figure it out together. I’m very upfront when giving feedback and I often give tips and tricks to solving questions (chem and math) or doing critiques (English and writing). I often go through a few quick practice problems as a sort of check in on progress. 

Courses Taken:
AP Chemistry
AP Pre-Calculus
First-year Biology
First-year Physics


Day Time
Monday 5pm – 6pm
Tuesday 4pm – 7pm
Wednesday 5pm – 6pm
Thursday 5pm – 7pm
Friday 5pm – 6pm
Saturday 5pm – 7pm
Sunday 5pm – 7pm

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