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“For students, by students.” – Peer2Peer is a student-run, non-profit organization that aims to bridge the educational disparity in Hong Kong by enhancing the education amongst underprivileged students from grade 3 to grade 8. We hope to stimulate students’ full potential in academics, athletics, and arts while equipping them with the best learning methods and skills to take on all aspects of their educational journey.


Peer2Peer Mentorships focuses on academics, predicated upon the values of friendship and community. We hope to serve as an additional resource for our mentees to sharpen their academic skills and to develop healthy learning habits that will prove crucial as they approach their high school journey.


Peer2Peer Athletics offers free athletic and exercise opportunities for under-resourced communities in Hong Kong. Hoping to develop mentees’ overall characteristics and well-being, Peer2Peer uses sports to help students.

Performing arts

Peer2Peer Performing Arts is a supportive community that welcomes individuals from diverse backgrounds and helps them discover their talents and achieve their goals in singing, dancing, and visual arts through mentorship and guidance. The program culminates in a mini-production at the end of the summer, where participants can showcase their hard work and talent to friends and family.