Welcome To Peer2Peer

“For Students, By Students” - Peer2Peer is a student-run, non-profit organisation that is committed to bridging the education and opportunities gap among Hong Kong students through peer-to-peer initiatives.



Peer2Peer Mentorships is a comprehensive peer mentorship program focusing on academic, university and career support, predicated upon the values of friendship and community. We hope to not only serve as an additional resource for our mentees to sharpen their academic skills, but also motivate them to pursue an education and career beyond secondary school. Click on the “Program” tab to learn more!


Why You Should Join Peer2Peer?


  • A chance to network and join a  community of like-minded  peers from different schools
  • Use your knowledge to help  other students
  • Inspire other students with your  insights and experiences, and  learn from that of your mentee’s


  • Receive academic support and study tips from peers
  • Receive university and career guidance and opportunities from professional advisors 
  • Join a diverse community of peers, build valuable networks and learn from each other’s experiences.
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Peer2Peer Athletics offers free athletic and exercise opportunities for under-resourced communities in Hong Kong, in hopes of using sports as a vehicle to improve overall well-being and character developments of young students in the city. Click on the “See More” tab to learn more!


Peer2Peer needs your generous support to continue its operations and bridge the education and opportunities gap among Hong Kong students! Please click “see more” to learn how you can help and support our work:)

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