Not only transforming what you think, but HOW you think.

Program Overview

In our academics program, we aim to equip our mentees with not just suitable preparation for their schoolwork, but also with the skills to develop a meaningful depth of knowledge. This fosters healthy and effective habits, which form the foundation for future learning. We encourage students to share their opinions and personal perspectives, developing great speaking and comprehensive skills. At the same time, we challenge them by asking analytic questions, activating their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. This, along with our personally customizable mentorship curriculum, is what sets Peer2Peer apart.

  • Peer2Peer offers both private and group classes, depending on personal preference.
  • The location of these sessions are flexible. Mentors can travel to wherever is most comfortable for the mentees and their parents. If not, zoom lessons are also available!
  • The time and duration can be negotiated once applied.
  • Mentors will be assigned based on grade, proficiency and subject.

Academic Program